Training & Coaching

Our Position

We believe that human capacity is important to support implementation of new strategies leading to any number of desirable outcomes, such as technology acceptance, policy and mindset changes, new food ecosystems.

Because new knowledge and new technologies are fast changing, updates via professional development should be an integral part of staff development in public and private sectors.

In special circumstances where skills and knowledge require time to be socialized into staff, coaching and mentoring will be required to reinforce ad hoc training.

What we offer

Customized training sessions for groups or individuals on our expertise areas such as risk communication, food security, strategy development to meet specific needs, and technology commercialization. Courses typically run for 3-5 days.

We also offer coaching on practice skills over a contracted period.

ABB works independently or in partnership with accredited education entities to offer the training in-country or at one of our partner’s venues.