Sustainability Assessment & Compliance

Our Position

We tackle sustainability in the context of food systems, and recognize the following — a food system covers “end-to-end” activities, from production to consumption, and even disposal. More broadly, it also covers “…the governance and economics of food production, its sustainability, the degree to which we waste food, and how food production affects the natural environment” (EIU, 2018. Separate Tables: Bringing Together Asia’s Food Systems)

“A sustainable food system is a food system that delivers food and nutrition security for all in such a way that the economic, social and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations are not compromised.”– U.N. Task Force on Global Food and Nutrition Security, 2015. See the following link

We consider the term “sustainable” to mean that the activity or system:

indefinitely meets the requirements for food at socially acceptable, economical and environmental costs”

“meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

Sustainable systems are “economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially just”, and encompasses the rubrics of economic well-being,  environmental quality, and social justice. We explicit recognize the role of technology in nurturing sustainable systems as agricultural production intensifies to keep up with the increasing demands for food, feed and fibre.

We also fully endorse the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What we offer

Sustainability assessment – advice on framing the approach and using the appropriate techniques to assess sustainability, recognizing the scale and scope of each sustainability assessment for a client. For country-level strategies we offer assistance to:-

  1. Assess the state of the Voluntary National Review (VNR) with respect to the respective SDG (s); and
  2. Choose rubrics and metrics which allow a company to align itself with a country’s chosen SDGs in its VNR.

Sustainability compliance and positioning – advice on how to ensure compliance to sustainability reporting requirements, and on approaches to leverage the compliance for an entity (e.g. a company) to leverage this for market positioning.

Source: United Nations