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The Agri-Food Tech Gateway for Asia

104 East is a trading brand of Asia BioBusiness Pte. Ltd., which was founded in Singapore in 2005. 104 East exists solely to facilitate your company’s business agenda in East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The 104°East meridian passes right through Singapore’s Changi Airport. Either side of the meridian agriculture is changing with the convergence of technologies that are powering the new ‘agriculture 4.0’.

As a gateway to this changing agricultural scene Singapore is hard to beat as a location for your activities whether you are targeting the high-tech urban agriculture, aquaculture or alternative proteins that Singapore is embracing, the large plantations of region or the expanding markets within the hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers of the region.

The need for accurate regional intelligence, analysis and strong networks is paramount but within the new normal where travel from outside the region, at least in the short to medium term, it is going to be difficult.

The team at 104° East will do the groundwork for you to build on when we emerge from the Covid 19 pandemic.


Agriculture is changing in Asia and this change is likely to accelerate through the lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic. Agri-food ecosystems and the associated value chains must become more resilient to withstand external challenges such as pandemics.

There are considerable opportunities in Asia for a variety of agricultural technologies to be applied. But the ecosystem change must be effected in a sustainable manner and because of this, opportunities exist for companies that may not have had an agricultural focus in the past.

The changing ecosystems need more efficient production systems plus efficient and sustainable water and energy systems – technologies that protect ecosystem services, technology that reduces waste, targets circularity, and technology that guarantees safety and authenticity.


We provide consulting services to companies wishing to build a business that engages with the
increasingly diverse agri-food ecosystems of South East Asia. Our geographical scope includes the ten Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries plus their neighbours, and close trading partners, Australia New Zealand, and India:


  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Brunei
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • India


  • Strategy for entry and expansion in the region
  • Scoping out and researching potential markets for clients
  • Providing ongoing market intelligence
  • Helping clients establish a base in Singapore or other countries in the region e.g.
    • Company registration
    • Location advice
    • Introductions to banks & professional services
  • Providing market research services e.g.
    • Identifying farmer pain points and opportunities
    • Concept testing of product/service offerings with potential clients in the region
    • Effectiveness testing of communication campaigns with potential clients in the region
    • Brand awareness, image and perceptions
  • Introducing clients to official and governmental agencies
  • Introducing clients to potential R&D collaborators
  • Introducing clients to potential commercial partners
  • Provide cost effective representation in the region and establishment of regional representative offices


  • Outstanding network across the region: Commercial companies including most of the Asian MNCs, Governments and Inter-government agencies,Industry organisations, research institutes
  • We  are on the ground and live and breathe agriculture and agri-food tech of the region
  • Long-term regional presence
  • We have unparalleled relationships with, and access to senior policy / decision makers and scientists in the region
  • We have vast experience in projects and consultancy work across the region
  • Access to possible funders for investment through our local partnerships
  • We understand the need for cultural sensitivity in all aspects of business


  • We get the real “intel”
  • Acceleration of your success
  • Avoidance expensive mistakes 

The Lead Consultants 

Andrew Powell

  • A plant biologist (BSc. Edinburgh,PhD, Calgary) with experience in seed biology and technology, transgenics, plant tissue culture, medicinal plants, and food safety
  • In Asia over 32 years
  • Consulting for 25 years to public and private sector clients from around the world
  • Globally networked in business and government
  • An agritech company mentor for the Yield Lab Asia Pacific ag accelerator programme based in Singapore
  • Former Member of the Alberta Government’s Research and Innovation Advisory Committee
  • Risk communication practitioner offering training and consulting especially around innovation that causes concern and controversy

Christopher Horne

  • Crop scientist & agronomist by training – Degree in Agricultural Botany from Reading University
  • 22 years in the crop protection industry in a range of market and product development roles – including UK, European, Asia Pacific & Global roles
  • 15 years in agribusiness and agritech marketing research and consultancy
  • Contracted to support the UK Department of Trade’s AgriTech Team in generating foreign investment and trade
  • An agritech company mentor on the GROW programme based in Singapore
  • With a strong marketing background is particularly focused on helping clients to make better strategic decisions supported by real on-the-ground information