ABB Profile

Our Vision & Philosophy

Asia BioBusiness works with people who are working FOR people. We firmly believe that innovation is more than just about developing a healthy bottom line. Biobusiness is about bettering the lives of all the stakeholders through empowerment, improved health and nutrition and cleaner environments.

When we established AsiaBiobusiness in January 2005, our aim was simple: to make a difference! Twelve years later, this has not changed. If anything though, the challenges have been even more encompassing. The Millennium Development Goals have morphed into the Sustainable Development goals but still we face critical challenges: challenges that still impinge on basic human rights, especially in the right to food.

But now, just as in 2005, we firmly believe that the intellectual capital in Asia has the capacity to generate ideas, concepts and products that can address the challenges we face. But to get to the end of the commercialization pathway is not easy. That is where we can offer assistance.

Our aim is to work with all stakeholders to ensure that products get to market.

This may mean working with our clients to provide them with a better understanding of markets, capabilities, weakness and strengths. It may mean educating on the regulatory requirements that must be fulfilled or it may mean assisting the development of policies that allow freedom to operate. Increasingly, it also means developing effective communication strategies to deliver information about the product or idea.

  • Asia BioBusiness is Asia-based but globally networked.
  • We are headquartered in Singapore at the centre of ASEAN with easy access to further afield.
  • Our network stretches into N. America, Europe, Australasia and Latin America.
  • We are on the ground and not forming our opinions from 10,000 miles away.
  • We have a long-term regional presence and have unparalleled relationships with, and access to senior policy / decision makers and scientists in the region.
  • We understand the need for cultural sensitivity in all aspects of business.

For our private sector clients our projects have included: sector analysis and strategy planning, partnering, market research and analysis, regulatory advice and positioning, issue management, IP audits and idea creation for value addition etc. We also have considerable expertise at the public/private sector interface, working with public sector institutions to commercialize intellectual property.