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Asia Biobusiness (ABB) understands that large public- and private sector organizations, governmental/inter-governmental agencies, and donors frequently need critical assistance on the ground to implement their own programmes in the region, even if they have some presence in Asia-Pacific.

We have undertaken major project management tasks for USDA, APEC, and Tate & Lyle over the past 4 years.

ABB’s goals in this area are to provide a reliable, trusted advocate on the ground in Asia-Pacific who understands the science, the policies, the politics of food, agriculture, biotechnology and focussed subject areas like food security. Our network of key decision makers and influencers, developed over decades of work in the region, at country level throughout the region are an invaluable resource in this type of work that we leverage as part of our projects.

ABB runs developmental, policy programs and project for governments, international organizations and donor agencies utilizing it’s unique insight and network, ensuring successful programme implementation on time, on budget and communicated effectively. ABB also coordinates events such as conferences, workshops and seminars identifying resource persons, providing content and handling logistics on the ground.

In the private sector we facilitate further business development in the region by expanding your research while matching your technologies with the best business model and ideal market.

ABB achieves this goal by providing:

  • Strategic forecasting, planning;
  • Market research and commercial intelligence, including stakeholder surveys;
  • Market audits and mapping;
  • Business model analysis and strategic positioning.